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Jose Rauda

José Rauda

Licensed Realtor

How do you feel the first time you meet a potential realtor? It can be very daunting and a little nerve-wracking during that first conversation. This is the person who will advise you on the largest investment you’ll ever make. Do you want a knowledgeable, trustworthy and reputable realtor walk you through the process of buying a home? Meet José Rauda.

José Rauda has been working in the Lethbridge real estate market for nearly 14 years and keeps up-to-date on real estate trends daily, if not hourly. With years of experience and a long list of referrals from his customers and their friends and family, Rauda has proven himself to be not only a successful realtor but a genuinely likable person.

Eight years ago, a new client moved to Lethbridge and while Rauda was helping the gentleman buy his first duplex, the two became close friends. So close in fact, that Rauda says he was at his client’s wedding, “he asked me to stand up for him and be a groomsman. We likely wouldn’t have met if I wasn’t in the field I’m in.”

This story is just one of the many reasons Rauda says he is thankful for the career path he chose in real estate. Meeting people and creating relationships that allow him to a be a part of their lives is something he treasures. From newlyweds to becoming a small family, to buying a second home, to downsizing, helping families find their perfect home is rewarding.

Rauda is dedicated to his clients and their best interests. He is trustworthy, transparent, approachable and makes sure that his clients make the best decision for their family.

If you’re looking to purchase or sell your home then fill out the form below and see how José and his team can help you with your real estate endeavours.

Lisa Shaw

Lisa Shaw

Licensed Realtor

Lethbridge is Lisa Shaw’s hometown and she was happy to return to raise her family and work in real estate, a career that she loves.

Lisa first started working in real estate ten years ago as a broker’s assistant. By 2012, she became a licensed real estate agent.

At this time, Lisa and her husband, James were living in Lac La Biche. The couple first moved there in 2005 so Lisa could study as an emergency medical technician (EMT), later working in surrounding communities.

When Lisa and James welcomed their daughter, Liston, they decided to visit James’ family in New Zealand for six months. After their trip, it was time to come back to Lethbridge. In early 2015, they had a son, Harrison. Then in spring 2016, Lisa met with José Rauda to discuss getting back into real estate.

Working with José was an easy next step. “José and I had talked previously that if I ever moved back to Lethbridge and wanted to continue my real estate career, we could talk about working together to some extent.” The two had known each other for years and it was a great fit. Lisa and James even met for the first time at Jose’s wedding. “We have José and Chantel to thank a little bit for getting us together,” she laughs.

Lisa says she really enjoys real estate. “The excitement of ‘we’ve made a decision, we’re going to buy a house’ and then going through each step; I enjoy taking people through it and then seeing them get the keys to their house and how happy they are. I just really enjoy how there’s more to it than just show a house and move in. There are stages in between that sometimes make the process stressful but also exciting to see it through.”

Lots of her clients have been first-time homebuyers and she loves that everything is so new and exciting for them.

When you’re selling a home, Lisa says she likes that she’s helping clients transition. “You have all of these memories that have happened in your house and then you decide that it’s time to move on, it’s like you’re closing a chapter move on to the next.”

If you’re looking to purchase or sell your home then fill out the form below and see how our team will help you with your real estate endeavours.