Protect your home this winter with Lisa’s #SMARTSIX winterizing tips

winterizing home

With much of Lethbridge prepping for cold temperatures this winter, now’s the time to get your home prepared before freezing risks become your worst nightmare. Because we can think of much better ways to spend your energy (and money) before Christmas.

Here’s Lisa’s #SmartSix tips:

1. Check your home’s heating and humidity settings
We enjoyed a great fall with record warm temperatures that kept the cold and snow away. Now it’s time to adjust those heating and humidity settings. It’s a good idea to reset the humidity level based on the colder outside air temperature. You’ll want to prevent frost from forming on your windows and seals, door frames, skylights, garage doors and anywhere else with regular exposure to the elements. And with our temperature variances throughout winter, we recommend a normal humidity level of 35-40%. However, as temperatures drop below zero, your humidity should be set closer to 20 percent. Here’s a quick reference chart:

-30 Degrees Celsius15%
-25 Degrees Celsius20%
-20 Degrees Celsius25%
-10 Degrees Celsius30%
-05 Degrees Celsius35%
Over 0 Degrees Celsius40%

2. Replace that furnace filter!
Tell the truth – when was the last time you replaced your furnace filter? Was it at the beginning of Summer? How about this year? Have you replaced your furnace filter at all during COVID? If you haven’t, we recommend replacing it right away. We’re going to be spending way more time indoors so you’ll want to make sure your filters are clean. Our friends at 4Seasons Home Comfort not only have furnace filters in surplace, they can pop over and replace your filters if it’s still too difficult to get done by yourself.

3. Caulk and seal those nasty cracks and broken surface areas

Water and ice buildup in the home doesn’t paint a pretty picture! Controlling your humidity settings is one thing, and attending to those cracked or broken surface areas and sealing your home should be the first repair job on your to-do list. Our friends Danielle and Zoran at Zorko Contracting will gladly help you with your smaller odd-jobs. Give them a call and tell them Lisa sent you.

4. Check your drainage and water outlets
It’s important to keep water moving away from the home especially as all that snow freezes and thaws as the temperature rises and falls as frequently as it does in Lethbridge. If getting on a ladder to check your roof, eavestrough and water outlets is too dangerous, Waterproofing Roofing are on standby waiting for your call. And IF you do decide to take on the job yourself – please, be careful! 

5. Clean your gutters of built-up leaves from fall
And if you didn’t clean up all those leaves in fall, guess what – you’re going to have to put on your gloves and winter jacket and clean your gutters to prevent all that potential buildup from blocking your downpipes from doing their job. 

6. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
Lastly, once you’re nice and comfy sitting on the couch with your family, the LAST thing you’ll want is that pesky smoke detector to go off. Rather than wait for that BEEP to invade your happy place, replace the batteries seasonally to ensure that all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. Getting into the habit of changing them twice per is the best way to keep your family safe during winter. 

We’ll be spending much more time inside our homes over the next couple of months so it’s best to maximize your comfort, all while maintaining the value of your home.

Enjoy the cozy indoor weather and stay warm friends 🙂

Jose and Lisa